What is coding in my Opinion

Amar MQ
2 min readMay 7, 2021

To be honest, My learning progress coding it self is just few weeks and for me it’s new experience in new point of view how to learn what you see on your hand when you sweep up or tap your screen even do things like play in every button there.

My first programing language is Phyton. If u ask why? Because this platform have 80% world wide user with so much active community as open source access than other program language.

For reference, you don’t have to be good at math to be programmer, what you need most is witts and logic to put command which could be read by the program it self.

In simple ways to discribe is, Programing it self is art to command. It’s about how clear your command to the program for them to execute. So if you want give a command you need to be clear and excel your task step by step.

The reason Phyton got be most active user was the program have eco friendly user interface with logic command is base by simple design. This made developer have more lesiure to develop more complex action without worry about language barrier in command interface.

Pontential for programmer it self is unlimited, not because how it scared jobs it is but about how much posibility it have in aplication in every aspect in life. For example, how traffic is posible to track cars to keep on rule, how ai now can talk to us, or even how ur phone can diffirened pills for medication or many more.

So, want to try learn in?

You can acces in online course for free at : w3xxx.com



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